We would like to extend our huge thanks and gratitude to Richard Beaty and team for moving the large bank of earth between the menage and the playground. He also dug the new track which wilol join onto the one leading to the brow of the hill. The difference it has made is tremendous and it has really helped us get the new MUGA project kick started.


Thank you also to Vicky and Emily who worked hard pruning back the cherry trees to ensure the bank could be cleared.


We are very excited to see that work has begun on the new tennis court and cricket net. Work should be finished by the end of the year, but is weather dependent. Please be aware that there will be large machines on site and nobody is allowed to go into the taped area. Please ensure access to the track is available at all times during this period.


No children (U16 years) are to go on the recreation ground without supervision during the building work. It is imperative that dogs are kept on a lead on the lower field at all times.

Ashley Parish Council is not liable if anyone/anything is hurt or damaged whilsst the work is being undertaken.




With grateful thanks to David Ross, the Parish Council has secured the lease for the new Ashley Recreation Ground. We now have six and a half acres in the heart of Ashley which is protected for the long term through Fields in Trust.


It has taken a lot of work to get this far and Stephen Castens and all on the Parish Council have worked tirelessly to arrange the lease and win grants for the initial development. Thanks also go to Charles and Michael Squires for using their tractors to clear the large gateposts and old gates.


Vic Possnett and her team have worked incredibly hard to clear the area and made beautiful picnic tables and benches for villagers out of oak sleepers. A grant from Tesco has enabled the planting of 30 native trees and 1,000's of spring bulbs.


Please click here for the Code of Conduct for the Ashley Recreation Ground.


If you are interested in a full or half sized allotment please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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